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We help global Hospitality Operators
Startups and Executives understand
and man
age the complex world of
Online Distribution

And we operate a distinct Professional Ballet brand

Supply Equity

Our commercial guidance helps Grow Supply Equity when working with third party distributors such as Online Travel Agents (OTA), Wholesalers or Hybrids alike

We aim to untangle the confusing e-Commerce practices within digital inventory management and make it easier for partners to outperform across today's competitive online marketplaces

Where we have
helped our partners

Online Distribution
Revenue Strategies
& Achieving Yield Premium
Importance of Data Driven
Decision Making

One of the more complex topics to understand as online travel technology moves fast and inventory supply is often handled by numerous third party intermediaries, causing some degree of disruption for even subject matter experts


Here we explore the fundamentals across how online distribution functions and some of the "why" behind it. Also what to plan for when deciding to engage (or not) into a longer term distribution parnership with any supplier or vendor. Learn how several online and traditional offline distribution channels have evolved over time, and what key opportunities or obstacles may exist that can impact the commercial direction of the business

You have studied yield or revenue management some years ago or apply traditional methods as you have done in the past? Then chances are that you may already be pacing behind in the race to win the online customer of tomorrow

Discover functional yielding methods needed to attract, convert and retain the evolving customer segments. How to interpret digital booking trends by both demand gained or lost including the avenues to achieve a true premium over the competition. 
Learn how to proactively influence demand levers through intentional distribution and smart yielding, without displacing rate integrity

With data driven decision making now being an essential component to any fast moving commercial flywheel, the ability to identify, analyze, and execute on relevant data is what usually governs how fast or slow a flywheel can move

To fuel this process, the demand for business intelligence can grow but often the ease of decision making does not

This is where we help partners to underline the 
meaningful data points required to build decision making confidence and the ability to spot the trees through the forest

Managing Third Party
Distribution Suppliers
Building High Performing
Commercial Teams
Setting the Right
KPI's & OKR's 

Gain insights on how to make the most from an online distribution partnership. How to preserve or bring back control over complex distribution practices, and be able to influence strategic actions taken to stay competitive

Learn how to get greater value with external distribution partners, what market intel to look out for, what questions to ask, or which distribution products to adopt and why..

During several years of consulting activities in the field with senior commercial teams it has often come as a surprise just how little awareness persists by not fully leveraging a partnership that can provide business intel thats often just not available elsewhere!

Commercial leaders are only as good as the teams behind them, meaning its time to evaluate the rationale on what defines or sets apart a high performing team from the rest, and what it means for the business and its people

Discover what initiatives or proven processes may need to be enabled to help build agile teams that consistently deliver results, even if market dynamics are fast changing


Because teams who are hitting targets without knowing how they got there will often not stay there for very long. Hence we dive into a few best practices on leading digitally adept commercial teams with empowerment to inspire a culture of ownership, curiosity, and valuable development

Target setting should start with a vision that guides. A vision that that not only satisfies the leadership's ambition or checklist, but one that engages all team layers so they fully understand, commit and own the expected results


A vision can be very high level but needs to be broken down into measurable deliverables such as KPI's and OKR's that clearly outline the path towards achieving the vision.
Unfortunately though, many leaders are still signing off on semi-baked commercial targets that can welcome under-performance, erosion on profit and even staff turnover..

Want to learn how to design a vision that inspires people, with tangible targets that can help engage everyone?

My name is Daniel Koller

I’m a Swiss hospitality professional with 16 years of related experience, having dedicated 9 years working for global hospitality chains such as Hilton and Marriott across diverse functions, and overall leading ambitious commercial teams for over 10 years now

My last 7 years have been devoted towards online travel technoloy, marketing and distribution mostly with (Booking Holdings), a global leader in online travel. It is here where I started my journey as Market Consultant based in Dubai, and later worked with Product teams in Singapore, and successively returned back to Dubai to lead regional offices and the market performance of 11 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey

I have a hospitality degree from Les Roches Marbella meaning I'm a Hotelier by passion and trade, yet I became an Online Travel Professional through curiosity and late Ballet Partisan by chance!

Feel free to explore my background Here or get in touch if you have exciting problems that need solving..

Daniel Koller Picture
Companies Served
Aman Group
Apices Industries
Marriott International
My Island Job

World Stage

Driven by Denis Matvienko, we own and operate the Ballet.Stage brand which is a trusted platform and brand designed to support the development of upcoming Ballet Artists, Students or already established Professionals who are looking for ways to master their Art, and create improved exposure for themselves with the help of our industry experience and professional worldwide network

Online Auditions
Denis Matvienko
Live Performances


Meet Denis Matvienko

Denis is a Merited Artist of Ukraine, he was born in 1979 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He began training in classical dance at a very young age at the Kiev State Choreography School, and at the age of 18 he joined the Ukrainian National Ballet as a first figure

In 2001 he joined the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg as a soloist. In 2003 he returned to the Ukrainian National Ballet and in 2007 he moved back to St. Petersburg working for the Mikhailovsky Theatre as a principal dancer. Two years later, in 2009, he returned as principal star to the Mariinsky Theatre

Denis has been a guest dancer with numerous companies, such as the Bolshoi, New National Theatre of Japan, Alla Scala Theatre, Paris Opera among others. During his career he has performed in numerous principal roles, but he is a dancer at heart with exceptional versatility, which allows him to excel across both neoclassical and contemporary works

Learn more about Denis and his achievements Here

Denis Matvienko
Why work with us?

There's Passion in what we do which speaks to the quality of our work

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We provide relevant Expertise that makes it easier to win in the market

We believe in Ethical means to help our patrons succeed and grow

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